Sunday, 6 November 2011

Zoya KELLY - Timeless Perfection

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ZOYA – Kelly

Hi Goddesses

Zoya’s Kelly is the 2nd polish I have decided to reboot, because my original post is just tooooooo woeful lol.  She’s probably the first example of a polish that really opened my eyes to how amazing a colour can be, and dragged my ass out of it’s favourite pinky-reddy-browny rut.

Kelly is from Zoya’s WONDERFUL Collection of 2010 and is a traffic-stopping drama of a colour.  Darker on the finger than in the bottle, it’s a dark plume of purple smoke – deep, mysterious and totally unlike any other colour.

personally, i think the time stamp makes the photo waaaay better :)

Kelly is a smoky purple on top of a dark grey base.  Under certain lights there are some real petrol blue tones in here as well.  It’s an undefinable melodrama of a colour, and I really don’t get why Zoya thought they had to reinvent the wheel and create Petra, when Kelly is already one of the amazingest polishes of all time anyway.

Kelly is perfect for dark nights.  She’s not grey, nor purple, nor blue, but some new invention inbetween.  She screams for chunky knits and heavy boots and roaring fires, unlike her twinset and pearls twin, Caitlin.  Is she a blackened indigo, or a dark indigo denim ?  Maybe.

Either way, and however you try to define her, you’ll find there’s one word that’s essential – stunning.

Enjoy xx J

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