Saturday, 5 November 2011

ZOYA Moxie

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ZOYA Moxie Meets Some Friends

Hi Goddesses

I have been itchin and itchin to try my Tangled In My Web since it arrived last week, and beyond dabbing a little on my spider mani, I have not used it for 6 days !!

My only requirement last night when choosing a colour was, “what will look fierce with TIMW?” lol.  Beth chose the Moxie, and she did a good job, and I love how it looks in combo.

Zoya MOXIE is one of those colours Zoya do so well.  It sits in their red-pink-purple range and it’s a cranberry shade full of darkened summer delight.  This is summer after the lights have gone out.

As I’ve looked at her today, I’ve realised Moxie is quite a hard colour to describe.  She’s as pink as pink can go before it turns red; it’s a cranberry-raspberry slushie; she’s the colour beetroot stains leave on your hands.  And she’s pretty.  She reminds me of over-ripe decaying fruit, but in a good way.  In a too rich way, a too intense way, a deeeeep way J

Tangled In My Web is total love for me, but it is a PITA to put on.  It does not like to spread (except near the tips), so dabbing is your best option.  In England we have what we call thunderflies – little annoying fly things that hardly have any cells in them, but are so small they can get behind your LCD screen.  Well, that’s what TIMW reminds me of.

Finally, just for fun, I wondered what would happen with a little flakey magic, so I smeared some OPI Lily I Love You on top.  This really made it sing J

Happy nails – ta-dah!  J

Enjoy xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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