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11 from 2011 - Crumpet Nail "Art"

11 Moments of Perfect Crumpetness in 2011

Hi Goddesses

So I’d done my Top 10 polishes of all time and my Top 10 polishes of the year, so it seemed a bit pointless to do my Top 10 Manis of the years, as so many of them are just swatches.  So instead, I decided to only include posts that are not a pure swatch – and YES! Some ok nail art made it in there too!

Enjoy xx J

I’m going to start with a couple of posts from the 31 Days of Christmas Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge.  The ANGEL manicure is one of the very favourites I’ve done this year.  You can tell what it is AND the colours just blend perfectly.  I was sooo pleased with this one.

I then recycled the angel for the nativity mani, and as I mentioned at the time, Beth and everyone else who knows me had been laughing at how on earth I would be able to attempt this mani!  In the end, I think I did ok, and I particularly like Mary and Jesus.  I think a key learning from these is that my nail art is NEVER going to look as good as Nailside’s or Sonoma’s, but somewhere, there’s a Crumpet style, if I can just perfect it.

I then wanted to include this one, because it was one of the funniest posts I wrote this year – the Hallowe’en ghost cats incl the one that might have been an owl lol.  This one was funny, and I did enjoy it too J

Water marbling has just blown my mind this year.  I could never have imagined this was possible with polish, and the minute I saw it, I KNEW I needed it in my life.  Here we have my favourite 2 of the ones I did, my watery blue marble (with colours PERFECTLY chosen by Beth) and the Autumn water marble which I just loved.

I like Skittle nails.  Love them, and one of my most popular posts for a time was this one showcasing Wet N Wild’s Tangled InMy Web.  There is just something about the clash of those colours that I love.

My second favourite skittle was this crackle one for Hallowe’en – proof that sometimes simplicity creates the most impact.

This was my 200th post – the Barry M blue camo skittle.  Camo is such an easy nail art and it looks fab.  I have plans to do these in more colours in 2012.

FIRE!!!!  This was from early summer, when my nail obsession was just starting, and really could not be simpler – a yellow to dark orange gradient, with red shatter on top.  This was so bright and colourful – I loved it.

Dots.  Dotting tools were my favourite thing this year.  I’m better with them than with brushes, and this again is simplicity itself, using smaller dots of the base colour on the large silver dots to give the appearance of hollow hoops.

And finally …. My proudest stamping moment of the year – The Sound of Music Curtains!!  Lol.  Such a HAPPY mani.  As you know, I had a tough time loving Konad the Barbarian, and this is our best date so far, even though this was done with his brother, Red Angel.

If these are my best posts of the year, I’m quite happy.  They do not come close to the people I admire and aspire to emulate, but for 5 months progress, I am pretty happy.

As ever, practice, discipline and the just continual DOING of it, really DO make you better, and if I could share one tip it would be this – always practice before you take a mani off.  You’re about to take it off anyway, so why not see if you can do a chevron, or a stamp, or some dots …. Cos one day, you will, and it will KICK ASS.

See you in 2012 (oh, after 1 or 2 more final posts).

Crumpet love xxxxx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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