Monday, 19 December 2011



Hi Goddesses

200 Followers, whodda thunk it, and 150 on the Facebook too, so double cheers.  Woooo hoooo !

Special hats off to the amazing Elizabeth Stern who today became my Head of PR – Elizabeth, I salute you and love you more than it’s polite to say xxx.

So we all know I am also a shopaholic and I had been dyyyyyyyying to get my hands on some Ozotics for some time.  Well I placed an order for a couple but couldn’t get all the ones I wanted, so used another site and went a little MENTAL.  Only the next day did I realise I had ordered 2 identical polishes from 2 sites !!   So what better home to give them to than to someone who has shared the Crumpet love!

Ozotics – or Oh-zotics – are amazing, and add duochrome and multi twinkly effects to polishes.  In the Giveaway we have 529, an Elytra, which is a twinkly suspension which shifts between blue, purple and orange (I will have a post on this later in the week).

The 2nd Oh-zotic is 520,  a multichrome nail polish which sits on a bronze axis point and turns all shades of autumn and looks like Tiger in a bottle!  This can be worn on its own or over other colours.

Finally, making up the trio of heavenliness is A England Excalibur, a “majestic silver platinum” polish / foil.  A England is an amazing brand, goes on beautifully and every polish looks wow (again, a couple of posts will be with you shortly).  Their website also has an amazing offer on at the moment to buy “Merry Crowns” – these are duos.  Instead of paying £9 for 1 polish you get 2 polishes for £13, which is an amazing deal.

The Giveaway will be open until New Years Day and will close as the clock ticks over into January 2nd.  It is international.  I deliberately tried to pick polishes which would encourage everybody who’s been following to enter J

Thank you for your support so far, all of your comments (which I love) and for laughing along with me.  It wouldn’t be half as much fun without you J

So, to the Giveaway - Enjoy J  xx

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