Saturday, 3 December 2011

31 Days of Christmas with the Purple Crumpet Fairy - Day 4


Day 4 – Water Marble

Hi Goddesses

I must confess, it was meeee.  It was me who was mean and put water marble into the challenge, mainly for devilment.  I love to hear every one moaning about doing it ha ha … oh I am cruel J

Well, Cruel Crumpet got her comeuppance, cos I am REALLY disappointed with how this turned out.  The theme was red, gold and silver.  In my head, this was like a red version of my purple twilight mani – pure red crème with swirls of gold and silver.  The result ?  a metallic pinky red blob.  Disgusted!

I used Barry M Red, CG Cheers To You and Barry M Gold.  I mentioned last time I did a red water marble – red is tricky.  Damn tricky.  The water makes it lean pink, and I have yet to find a red that stays *really* red in the water. I also really struggled to get the metallics to spread in the water L

My main aaarrgghh on this one tho is how PINK the flaming thing looks!  (tho on some nails it also looks like flames, which is cool).  Where the red and the silver have spread in the water, a unholy pink thing has emerged.  Do Not Like.  You also can barely see the gold.  It’s probably no surprise that the middle nail is my favourite, if only for the fact you can tell I used some gold at all, lol!

The thumb is the most meh of all.  For the thumb I did red-silver-red-gold, and as you can see, the final result was just too red.  I thought using less red in the other nails would create a better balance, but sadly not.  I also really dislike how the 2 metallics have corrupted the crème to create a red metallic – how very dare you.

Lol.  I actually quite like a couple of the photos, and if I saw them on their own, would quite applaud the person who did it.  My problem is that I know what was in my head, and not only is it not what ended up on the nail, it was soooo much better than this.  Dammit.  As I love red, I am sure I’ll return to this in time.  There MUST be a perfect red for watermarbling somewhere, tho come to think of it, it’s not a colour you see used in many marbles.  Maybe there’s a reason for that ?  L

So anyway, are you joining in ? It’s not too late to join us – just click here and do as many or as few days as you want – no pressure, just fun J

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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