Monday, 5 December 2011

Amazing Combo - Celebrate The Heiress


Hi Goddesses

When I did my post about British nail polishes the other week, I missed out 1 quite important brand – Leighton Denny.  I don’t know how I forgot about it, but I did – oops!

So, here are some facts  -

·         They have the 2nd best bottle ever, after Deborah Lippmann.  It’s a real heavy hunk of glass
·         They are quite a luxury brand, similar price point to Nails Inc
·         In the UK, they’re about £12 brand new (approx. USD18)
·         They do last quite well – the bottle quotes a “long lasting and chip resistant” formula.  On the couple of occasions I’ve worn them, I’d have to agree
·         For all you taupe and nude lovers out there, they do a very famous polish called Supermodel, which is lush – go Google it

And then this is The Heiress.  I am really struggling with what to call this colour.  It is so cold and haughty and aloof – and amazing!  It’s also been quite hard to photograph with the camera that hates purples so, you need to know –
·         It’s not as blue as the photos taken in the photo room / utility room (with the bright white light)
·         It’s tone is better captured by the photos with the golden background (the ones with glitter)
·         The golden backgrounded photos don’t capture enough of the blue in the polish
·         Aaaargh!  Lol

Basically this is an amazing blue – purple concoction with a big blob of white chucked in to pastel it down some.  Think Caitlin, think Planks A Lot, those sorts of colours.  I am very partial to them, and I think they deserve a colour of their own.  They are not lilac and not purple; not purple and not blue. They have voltage.  They are blurpilacs ??  Blurpi-lec-lacs??  Lipurplues ? lol.  The point is: electric blurple, pastelised. 

I have loved wearing this and all day I have been convinced it’s a dupe for another one of my many purplishes, but surprise surprise – no!

Left to right – Zoya Caitlin (paler, greyer), Zoya Mira (considerably more purple), CG No Name Yet (greyer), OPI Planks A Lot (less blue), OPI Parlez Vous OPI (considerably brown in comparison).

And here she is next to her closest colour compatriots – Caitlin, No Name Yet and Planks A Lot. 

Whilst The Heiress is distinctly, definitely and dazzlingly purple on the nail, these photos highlight her extremely blue base.  This is what gives her that electrical sizzle, as well as what confuses my camera!

I then played around with my new favourite glitter.  Being in the UK, I find it difficult to get hold of stuff by LA Girl and this is from their Glitter Addict range.  Goddesses, this is Celebrate.

Celebrate is just a whole vat of holy wowness.   This glitter was MADE for me!  A clear base and then micro and small particles in pink, blue, purple and silver.  Just GORGEOUS!

This weekend I discovered glitter tips whilst prepping one of my Christmas manis, and the instant The Heiress arrived I grabbed Celebrate.  Don’t they make a fabulous couple?  Essence nail art twins, eat your glittery heart out!!!

I am particularly pleased with the pattern skittle, varying how the glitter was applied.  This caused quite a few ooooo’s in the office today.

Me ?  Super happy with this.  Double combo winner!!!

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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