Sunday, 11 December 2011

Barry M Bright Purple Goes Dotty!


Hi Goddesses

When Barry and his M made Bright Purple, they made a beautiful polish.  This is deep, vibrant and utterly winning.

Bright Purple is a blend of –
·         Darkest fuchsia
·         Dark magenta
·         Red toned violet
·         And Zoya’s Demi, which it bears more than a passing resemblance to

It’s fabulously intense, like some tribal goddess paint, or a super toxic cocktail.  This has been steeped in berries, sprinkled with gin and left to soak not far from the beetroot juice jar.  It’s totally tropical, an exotic parrot or a strutting peacock that got mauled by the pink fairies at birth.

This is NOT a shy and retiring polish but possibly one of the most dramatic colours you can put on your nails.  I’m not sure it’s purple, but then it’s not pink either, and I’m getting stressed because I have no idea which polish family it needs to move in with!

Whatever, this is fab-u-lous, and that’s as much, and as little, as you need to know.


I had been yearning to do this pattern for ages, and this seemed a really good base colour to do it on.  So here we have, Fun With Dotting.

I used CG Cheers To You and my largest dotting tool for this, doing random large silver dots.  I then did some smaller silver dots, with a small dotting tool.

Finally, I used a medium dotting tool to dot some Bright Purple over the silver, to give the appearance of rings or hoops.

Personally I just LOVE this.  It is so simple and easy to do – hey, even a Crumpet can’t fail at it! 

Enjoy xx J

Enjoy J  xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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