Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Barry M - Slime to the Lime Green

BARRY M – Lime Green

Hi Goddesses

Ok today starts with a 2 part quiz question –
1.    How much do I like green nail polish
2.   How well do me and Konad The Barbarian get along ?

If you answered “not at all / not much” to both these questions, you may now step away from the laptop, throw your hands up in the air and scream “so why the hell has she done a green Konad mani???!!!”

Cos it’s frickin awesome, that is why J

This is Barry M’s Lime Green which I have rechristened (S)Lime Green.  It is an AMAZING colour and you will either love it, or loathe it.

In the bottle, this looks fabulous.  So deeply pigmented, so bright, so nasty lol.  On the nail it doesn’t disappoint, *but* it is very sheer, almost jellyish, and after 3 coats, this STILL wasn’t as lush as the bottle.

This is somewhere between an apple and slime.  It really is the most unbelievable green, and I wish I’d had it for Hallowe’en.  I am not sure I would ever wear this on its own (it also didn’t do much with my skin tone) but this will make a GREAT art polish.  I also think this would look amazeballs with darker skin tones.

To liven it up, I decided to give Konad the Barbarian another spin, and whaddya know, we now seem to have a cordial, if cautious, relationship.  To everyone who recommended filing the rubber stampy thing, thank you thank you THANK YOU, it has made ALL the difference to both my stamping results and my blood pressure.

I used CG Starboard and M65 for this one.  Each nail gets progressively better, and I have deliberately posted this – mediocre though it is – to reassure everyone else going through the Konad learning curve. 

Observe on the index finger the silver the lazy Crumpet didn’t clean off from the last Konad adventure / strop.  Observe on ALL the fingers how the pattern was too small for the nail – how the HELL do you combat that ??!  there’s no WAY I can join the pattern up by stamping a nail twice, so what do you do ?  or do I just have freakishly giant nails?

I quite liked how this turned out, but the (S)Lime Green did leech a lot of the darkness out of Starboard, which is a shame, but hey ho.

But wow, ain’t these photos BEAUTIFUL?  J

To everyone else who has just started stamping, I’d love you to share your horror stories too.

Enjoy J  xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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