Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Nail Mail Spectacular

December Nail Mail

Hi Goddesses

Here it is, my final nail mail of the season L  There’s not a lot else in the postal pipeline … oh, apart from 12 Hits Flakies J

Let’s start with the most important one first – my Secret Santa from Chrystal Saccavino.  I was due to get this at the very end of November, and I was feeling quite traumatised when it still hadn’t arrived by Dec 14th.  Then, Christmas miracle of Christmas mircales, whilst I was at the post office collecting the other packages, the bloke said “oh, we’ve got another one here.  We should have given it to you on the 30th Nov, but we forgot, but we knew you’d be back in eventually ……”  Siiiiigh, still I guess it pays to be known by name!!

Chrystal sent me a great package AND she’d checked out my blog to see what I might like.  She sent me a great OPI set of Grape Set and Match and Servin Up Sparkle, some choccies, my favourite mint choc chip chewing gum, a fab red glitter art pen, a manicure set, a buffer, a lip balm and a mud mask!   Sooooo many treats.

Thank you Chrystal – I love that Americans can get so much for USD15 J and I’m not jealous.  No.  Not at all.  Much.  No.

Then we have my A-England delivery – swoooooon.  I finally succumbed and also treated myself to their Merry Crowns offer of 2 polishes for £13.  Here’s Elaine, Tristam, Guinevere and Avalon.


And Perceval, Merlin, Morgan Le Fey and Galahad.

Then my swap from Joy Cozart – the 5 SH prisms.  I have a couple more I picked up off ebay, so stand by for a post on these soon.

Then 2 randoms – I was in Boots (our big UK drugstore) the other day and almost fainted with shock when I saw Sally Hansen on the shelves, AND Nails Inc and some OPIs (sadly not polishes but treatments and Nail Envy).   Wow – this is a MAJOR turning point in the UK !!  So I picked up Gray by Gray and Pedal to the Metal, simply because I COULD.  Lol.

Then we have an eBay bargain – Leighton Denny Supermauva, which I plan on wearing very soon.   I am more and more learning to appreciate blue, so picked up Nubar Boyfriend Jeans which seems a really unique colour.  And finally HITS Poseidon.

Oh-zotic, Oh-zotic …. The only problem with Ozotics is they make me sing Erotica by Madonna, which I HATE, and it doesn’t leave me head ALL DAY aarrggghhh.   Lol, here we have 504, 521 and 520.

Then 529, 504, Ludurana Reluz and Picture Polish Glitter Ball.

Then my PRECIOUS Ozotics J come to momma !  624, 617, 621 and 509.  Do you KNOW how much I am having to restrain myself right now lol.

Then my amazing swap from Emma Thea Hoop.  We started with Essie Luxeffects, but I didn’t want the 2 glitters ….

And then she made the effort to find polishes she knew I would love but did not have, so I also got Ulta Bombshell, Revlon Royal Cloak, Orly Charged Up (great colour), Revlon Plum Night and SH Gems in Big Money.

Then we have my order from Chelsea at Pretty & Polished.  Chelsea has her own Etsy shop and makes some fabulous polishes in various sized bottles.  You can blame Sarah at Chalkboard Nails for me order – she did a post on Midnight Rider and I fell in love. 

So here we have Red Light District, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am, Midnight Rider and Galactus.  Can’t wait to try them.

Holy mother of Mary.  Now we have my naughty Christmas gift to myself which I only ordered 2 days ago.  Models Own were offering massive discounts so I took advantage of 2 of them.

The first is what they call their Nail Art Kit for £15 (major bargain in UK prices).  With this you get a top coat, a silver shatter, a buffer block, a black nail art pen (the one I really wanted as Bee is always telling me how amazing it is) and 1 polish, for which I chose Pink Fever.

The 2nd offer was incredible – 15 polishes for £50.  Well, I just had tooooooo. 

Above – Mixed Up, Disco Mix, Purple Haze, Gold Finger and Blooboo.

Purple Rain, Purple Pearl, Dusty Mauve, Scarlet Sparkle and Juicy Jules.

Beth’s Blue (bought for my beloved Beth), Bluebelle, Peacock Green, Purple Mystique, Cherry Pie.

I am really impressed with Models Own at the moment – the polish sticks like glue and doesn’t chip, they also do make-up, these were SUPER bargains, the packaging was awesome AND they somehow got the delivery to me within 48 hours at Christmas – wow.

This was almost matched by an ebayer I bought from on Monday night, when I was slightly tipsy at 10pm.  The order arrived by Wednesday lunchtime – amazing.

I had been lusting after CG Ring In The Red and found it for a great price, along with a couple of other CG’s I’d had my eye on – Urban Night and Traffic Jam (which I saw in an amazing water marble), Secret Periwinkle, Westside Warrior and Ring In The Red.

Aaaaaand she also had the top coat I’ve been dithering about for a few weeks so I finally bought it – Out The Door Looks Wet top coat.  I cannot WAIT to see what this does to glitter and how it compares to Gelous.

Oh AND my stamping plates from Red Angel.

So guess who’s going to be a happy and busy little Crumpet J  I also need to be on a serious no buy now for a few months – this addiction is gorgeous, giddy but awfully expensive!

Happy holidays J xxx

Enjoy J  xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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