Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Crumpets Top 10 Bloggers 2011 - 7 & 8

Numbers 7 & 8

Hi Goddesses

Today I am continuing my countdown of my favourite bloggers, and today is Number 7 & Number 8.  If I’m honest calling one Number 7 and someone else Number 2 is like splitting hairs – all the bloggers in this Top 10 are brilliant, and qualitywise there is nothing to separate them.  Whether they are at Number 7 or Number 2 solely relates to how many times out of 10 I will stop in my tracks to read their post before I do anything else.

Drum roll …..

Colette, ah I doooo have a soft spot for Colette.  She totally opened my eyes to what nail polish could do, not by doing groovy nail art, but by becoming a water marble master (or mistress, whichever).  Colette has her own You Tube channel with about 82 million followers – if you want to know how to water marble, her blog and channel (loads of tutorials) is where you will go.

I love she has a sense of humour, I love that she mocks herself and her low monotone voice, and she does sometimes mix it up a bit with simple swatches or stamping posts – to be honest, they are the ones I skip if I am in a rush – but most of all she is massively informative.  (She's also religious about giving you photos in sunlight or shade, natural or artificial light)

She loves matt finishes, layering, doing her tips differently - she's my idol :)

Here are some of her awesomest water marbles –



 and some swatches and stamping masterpieces -

For a long time, Cristina’s blog was my number 1 go-to page, and the only reason it’s slipped is because I am now looking for different things from my blogs.  So, Cristina’s blog is still brilliant, but it doesn’t give me what I get from some of the higher placed blogs.

Cris is a swatching queen, an awesome stamper, good at simple nail art AND she has Muffin Monday – the most genius idea ever!!!  Some days, I skip her blog, but usually only when she’s showing a colour I really don’t like or wouldn’t wear, but she’s still a great blogger with lots of great ideas, like …..

The most brilliant thing about both Cris and Colette is how simple they make it look.  Their designs are ALWAYS clean, simple and gorgeous - now why don't mine come out like that??  lol.

Enjoy J  xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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