Monday, 26 December 2011

Crumpet's Top 10 Bloggers - Number 4

Number 4 – Nail Nerd

Hi Goddesses

We have reached number 4 in my Top Blogger countdown.

This may provoke outrage – Nail Nerd is number 4.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ?  how can she only be number 4 when she is the best in the land?  Tis true.  She probably is my fave nail artist, however, for the stage that I am at, I find a lot of her stuff beyond my immediate or long term or next life ability!  Therefore, altho I applaud her, love her, think she’s marvellous and pimp her up, she’s not my most “useful” blogger.

So, she’s here at number 4 because she DESERVES to be in anyone’s Top 10, whatever the criteria, but the only reason she’s not higher is that I can’t look at her blog and say “ooooh, I’ll try that later”.  And if you think I’m being overly modest or overly stupid, could YOU do some of this ??

berry colored nail polish

Nightmare Before Christmas Scary Teddy

Angry Birds nails

lemon nails

french manicure

doodle nails

Sometimes she does do simple swatching and simple patterns -

a-England Holy Grail

pink and black nails

flower bed nails

two tone leopard nails

Barielle Decadence

e.l.f. Golden Goddess

Nail Nerd – flippin’ genius.  So er, Nail Nerd, would you like to come and teach me?  You could be my house prisoner, oops er guest ??

There’s only 3 more to go …. I bet you can’t guess who they are J

Enjoy J  xx


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