Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crumpet's Top 10 Polishes of 2011

Top 10 Polishes of 2011

Hi Goddesses

So in my little end of year round up, I thought it would be fun to pick out my favourite polishes that have been released this year. 

It was actually a really hard task as I only got back into polish this year, so everything I have has technically been bought this year.  Also, whilst it’s really easy to track the collections of the big brands – Zoya, OPI – I have found it harder to work out when some of the US drugstore polishes like Wet n Wild and Sally Hansen were released, so for that reason alone, the list is brand heavy.

I *think* these have all been released this year, but may be wrong on 1 or 2.  Either way, these are all classics, and are in no particular order.  Where I have also done a blog post, you can follow the hyperlink.

Enjoy !  xx J

A-England – Lady of the Lake
Unbelievable polish.  Superb brand, application and quality.  A smokey purple holo dream of a polish.

A-England – Guinevere
Another A-England masterpiece, this one a serene swirl of lilac bliss.

Glitter Gal – Red
Glitter Gal’s red holo is my favourite red holo of them all – so far!  Superbly fine in it’s particle size, this is a red-holo lover’s dream.

Wet n Wild – Tangled In My Web
This is the year I discovered glitter, and yet my favourite glitter of all isn’t even glittery.  I totally fell in love with the simplicity and gothicness of this amazing drama queen.

OPI – Planks A Lot
Superb application, looks like a pearl, fabulous lilac.

Orly – Fowl Play
Aka when Orly duped OPI’s Merry Midnight …. But better J

Zoya – Neeka
a lovely dusty gold-flecked purple ....

Fashionista Magnetics – All Fired Up Red
Magnetics were THE discovery of the year – so far, this is the only brand I know of brave enough to do a red … and pull it off.

LA Girl – Glitter Addict – Celebrate
THE perfect purple glitter.  Amazing, just … wow.

OPI – Animal-istic
My unexpected favourite of the Muppets Collection – a multi-textured triumph.

Of course, this is only fun if I you now tell me yours J  what were your favourite releases this year ??

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