Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 10 - Your Most Festive Red - Take 2


Day 10 – Your Most Festive Red

Hi Goddesses

Holy Christmas Snowflakes.  Stop the sleigh, put down the brandy and get yourself some lookey at this!

This is WOW.  It’s a wow that’s just WOW.  It’s red with WOW in it J  This is also known as Slammin’ Red by Studio M and is from my amazing swap with Tyra Marie a few weeks back.

This is SERIOUSLY the most AMAZING red holo / glitter / sparkle bomb of ALL TIME.  Seriously!  This is uhmazing.  I almost cannot speak, this is soooooo overpoweringly intense and stunning and ….. WOW.

This is 2 coats, totally opaque, 1 coat of Gelous, 1 of Poshe.  And it’s just …. Wow!  This sparkles like fairy light.  I cannot even begin to describe how crazy this polish is, but so far it’s better than today’s other red (Wet n Wild Rockin’ Rubies, sorry) AND better than NOPI Sensational Scarlet which I was *pretty* damn sure was the most sensationalist scarletist polish I was ever going to find.

Deep breath, Crumps, deep breath.  This is red – raspberry red – and perfect for the season.  It is LOADED to within a gasp of its life with holographic glitter which doesn’t even need an excuse or light to catch fire and twinkle and sparkle and look crazy beautiful.

I am spamming the hell out of you with pics, I know, but this is AMAZING. And just look at how show-offy it gets under the halogen lights in the kitchen – crazy!  If you only ever buy 1 glittery red, make it this one.

Oh, and one final word to make you feel sick with envy – the photos ?  They don’t even begin to capture how wow this is.  This is fairy lights in a bottle.  With glitter.  And sparkle.  And magic.  And pixie dust.  And starlight.


Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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