Saturday, 3 December 2011

December Nail Mail Spectacular!

December Nail Mail

Hi Goddesses

I hope you’re having a great Saturday.  This has been a very trying and emotional week for me, so you can imagine how perfect it was to receive so much FABULOUS nail mail.  Sadly though, there’s not a lot more out there.  There’s my PAA Secret Santa, 10 yes 10 omg 10 Ozotics, 3 gallons of Zoya Remove, a swap with Emma and a couple of little randoms.  L

For now, let’s focus on the joy that was this week’s (and a little bit of last week’s) nail mail …..

First up we have a swap I did with Rachael Watters from PAA.  I wanted Joe Fresh Twilight, she wanted some Barry Ms J  I LOVE the package she sent, but was totally unprepared for it lol.  I opened it and literally my desk became covered in glitter and rhinestones ha ha.  I especially love this “10 more minutes” sleeping mask – that really sums me up.

As well as Twilight, she spoilt me with some great stickers, a mini Kleancolor in Metallic Yellow and an Art Deco striper pen in purple glitter (am I that obvious?  Mmmmm, yes probably so J).  We also need to applaud her very cool tape and those lovely flowery string things she used – I think they may make good spring nail art.  Thanks Rachael – you killed a lemming and provided me with a joyful gift on a sad day xx

Next, one of the nail mails I was soooooo excited for – a bumper package from the amazing Bee of   This started with a request for CG Some Like It Haute and escalated from there!   I also asked for the SH Nail Crush in purple and the CG Glittering Garland.  Everything else, Bee chose for me, and she showed how well she knows me cos I loves it all!!

Milani Purple Gleam, SH Gem Crush in Bejeweled, CG Tempest, an amazing swirly blurple (how I have ever missed this?) and Savvy Deep Amethyst which comes in the world’s *heaviest* bottle.

Then we have CG Velvet Bow (inspired choice), CG Evening Seduction, and CG Long Kiss, another great choice as well as a cause I wholeheartedly support (there should be more long kisses in the world).

Aaaaaaaand the lusted after CG Glittering Garland, CG Some Like It Haute and CG Twinkle Lights (perfect for our Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Day Challenge).

Bee being Bee, it didn’t end there, and I also got some chewy sweets, a massive lolly, a Hello Kitty nail file which is going to have to be hidden fast otherwise Beth will be having it, a lip balm, and some Nivea.  Thanks angel, I loved it all xxxx

3 from eBay now – an OPI called I Don’t Do Dishes.  I must admit, I bought this for the name alone, and anyone who knows me will know how perfect a polish choice this is for me J  and then 2 mega bargains, Zoya Rica and Reva which I got for the combined total, incl shipping, of £5 !!  super happiness J

Now on to a bundle from one of my favourite ebayers, Pretty Things For You and Me.  An AMAZING LA Glitter Addict called Celebrate (siiiigh, if only this had arrived earlier, the jelly sammich fiasco might never have happened), Wet n Wild Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire and SH Teal-y Cool.  Seriously, all these blues – what is going on with me ??!!

3 Ma.Nish.Ma holos.  I’d never heard of them before but they looked pretty – I got Beyond Opal, Space Silver and Blaster.  And a Claire’s Accessories wonderbomb called Hollywood.

Revlon Carbonite (free gift from Janet, coming up shortly), NYX Prismatic Gold and a weird pale green shimmery thing – Glitter and Stars by Palladium.

Then 2 more CG holos – Techno Teal and Laser Lime.

2 randoms – Wet n Wild Buy Me A Drink and Leighton Denny The Heiress which looks sooooo cool.

And then 7 – yes 7 and I resisted the urge to buy more – LA Splash glitters.  Don’t these look AMAZING – I can’t wait to a purple skittle with some of these J sooooo exciting.  Anyway yes they are, from the left, Dare to Make Waves, Sparkling Fushia, Rainbow Purple (not a glitter), Sparkling Lilac, Lavender, Atlantis and Enchantress.  Yum !!!  And they are not even the BEST of what I got this week, just wait ….

Some Nail Art pens total mixture in the hope of more “dexterity” and precision lol.

And then.  We have.  My super order.  From Llarowe.  I have been having a tough time lately.  Today is the 11th anniversary of my mum dying, and …. Well, what’s a polish-aholic with a retail therapy issue going to do but buy polish ???!!!  so here we have ……

The amazing a-England Lady of The Lake, which I have already blogged and which is now my official favourite polish Of All Time, my first Ludurana, Reluz, HITS Dionisio and HITS Posiedon ….. and then …..

My first 4 Ozotics!!!!  Literally off the scale excitement.  Just, ah, oh, I oh I just want to LOOK at them ALL day long.  I bought 504, 529, 528 and 520.  Man I cannot wait to play with these !!!

Oh yes and finally, I also took delivery of about 200 polishes this week for frankening, or just to use the empty bottles.  They literally didn’t cost m more than £50 in total, incl postage.  This is the only one I want to show you because it looks so pretty and because it’s 36 purples !!!

Eenie meenie miny mo, if I wasn’t doing a Christmas Challenge …. Argh! So many sexy goddesses to pay with.

Enjoy J  xx


Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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