Sunday, 4 December 2011

HOW Many Blues ??!!??

The Crumpet Stash – The Blues

Hi Goddesses

I hope the weekend has been kind and Christmassy to you. As winter is a pale blue colour, I thought I would do Blue as the 2nd in my stash series.

Blue has been a real love / hate relationship.  For many years I hated it, and even this year when I really got back into nail polish, blue was a no-go zone as far as I was concerned.  However, in the last couple of months my attitude has changed completely, and whilst I am not yet a Blue-aholic, I am certainly not the blue-hater I was.

So, what’s caused this about turn ?  Well, a few things.  You may remember a few weeks ago I did Blue Week on my blog.  We had just had a blue uniform introduced at work, and I wanted to do blue nails every day – not only that, they looked nice!  Secondly, there have been a lot of blues in boxed sets I have bought, and when I’ve tried them, I’ve not shuddered lol.


·         Total Blues = 41
·         Genuine Loves = 4 – Deborah Lippmann x 3 and Zoya Jo.  However, there are a lot of untrieds here, quite a few of which I think I will fall in love with
·         Untrieds = 17
·         Frankens = 2.  1 glitter and 1 spectraflair
·         Glitters = 17
·         Colours Bought Just For Art = 11
·         What else = 3 holos – CG Techno Teal, Milani Cyberspace and Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, 1 magnetic Forever is Blue by Fashionista / The Saturdays, 1 foil

I think this is a FRIGHTENING amount of polishes for a colour which isn’t even 1 of my top 3 fave colours lol.  However, blue comes in soooooo many varieties!

Let’s do some close ups then – (where I have posted about the colour, you’ll find a hyperlink) -

So, first of all, 6 untrieds.  Stormy Skies from Pam’s Girlie Bits, Wet N Wild Ice Collex in Cost Is No Issue and Believe Me, It’s Real, Essence Louise (no Thelma), OPI Ogre The Top Blue, CC Foiled.

My 3 adored and hallowed DLs – Across The Universe, Lady Sings The Blues and Glitter In TheAir.

Forever is Blue magnetic, Color Club Blu-topia (a jelly), Urban Decay Graffiti (very shimmery), and Essie Smooth Sailing.

The teals – CG Atlantis, OPI Ski Teal We Drop, SH Fairy Teal and LA Colors greeny teal glitter.

SH Teal-y Cool, which may just be the prettiest thing I have ever seen in a bottle, Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, CG Techo Teal and Milani Cyberspace.

4 China Glazes – they’re cheap, they’re fabulous, and they’re effortless.  Flyin High, For Audrey, Sea Spray and First Mate.

My 2 frankens, Blue Night’s Day and Denimish.

NYX Under The Moon, CG Meteor Shower, CG Luna, Studio M Sexy Siren.

OPI Last Friday Night, Color Club De-Luxe-cious, KleanColor Bluebell Chunky holo and Vegas Night.

And then my 3 Zoyas – Kotori (really odd swirly petrol colour), the gorgeous Jo  (looks fab on toes) and Indigo.

There is also a tragedy within the blues.  Glitter Gal’s Light As A Feather has gone missing.  I know not where.  And she was sooooo pretty and delicate.  Sniff L

So there you have it – the blues.  Hope you enjoyed xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.
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