Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I'm Lovin ANGELS Instead ........


Day 13 - Angels

Hi Goddesses

Deep breath.  You will NEVER believe this ….. I flippin love this mani !!!

I am supremely chuffed with myself, so so so SO chuffed. 

Why ?

Well, firstly, you can tell they are angels – and let’s face it, it’s quite rare to be able to interpret my nail art without a long convoluted paragraph from yours truly
The base – oh, how perfect was this choice.  The delightful Hannah Pinktana by Wet n Wild – perfect I tell you!
The ring finger – I don’t really know what it is either, but it totally works with the theme!
Who cares that I couldn’t get a real feather to stick on my nail, the pinkie looks like a wing!

Holy Nail Art !!!

Lol.  I truly do feel this is a spectacular moment in my blogging life, and man did it make a difference being able to do the art on my left hand (therefore using my right hand, which is my writing hand).

Unfortunately for you, I was soooo entranced with the thumb that she’ll be making a reappearance in 2 other manis very soon – nativity anyone?  Seriously, I finally get some nail art right and you expect me to just take it off ??!!  noooooooooo!

I know my angel doesn’t have hands, but that’s really not an issue.  She’s holy, so she doesn’t need to eat, and she lives just to sing, and I gave her a lovely little bouche for that.

The ring finger – I love it, even though it’s very …. Undefined lol.   It was meant to be a close up of the fabric of the angel’s dress, but I think the stripes turned out a bit thick for that.  Then it reminded me of a harp, and THEN it reminded me a little of 2 angels, sideways on, starting at each other, with a vertical line for their bodies and then a smaller vertical line for their wings.

Oh come on, you know there are weird things in the Crumpet brain!

Anyway, I’m off to bottle some chufftiness as more disasters are probably lurking just around the corner …….

Happy times!! J xxx

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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