Monday, 19 December 2011

Oh Wow, It's a-england Guinevere

a-england - Guinevere

Hi Goddesses

Ok, this is important.  Take a deep breath.  Ready ?  we are about to enter Adjective Overload.

a-england.  Guinevere.  Oh wow oh wow oh wow.  This is swoony, and I don’t mean any old kind of swoony, I mean swoooooooony.  Legendary, dizzying, tingling all over swoony.  This, ladies, is Guinevere.

A-England is a new brand which started this year.  They are at the higher price end (about £9) a bottle and are beautiful to apply, very smooth, very good quality.  Their selling point is that they released one big collection this year, all of whom were named after characters from the tale of Arthur and the Round Table.  This collection is called The Mythicals, and it’s … oh, sooooo gorgeous.

When I first saw Guinevere on a blog, I immediately dismissed her.  She’s described as “an antique pale mauve” but looks more lilac to me.  As a passionate fan of lilacs, I tried to reason there was no need for *another*, but now I’ve got her, and I’m here to tell you she’s very very special. 

I’ll be doing a comparison post later in the week, but for now, Guinevere *seems* dreamier, creamier and just oh so lovely.  There’s a cashmere beauty about her, like a giant lilac cloud halfway towards rain, that is delicate, entrancing and vulnerable.

This is a very ladylike polish, as befits Arthur’s Queen.  There is no haughtiness here though, but there is serenity and calm and tranquillity.  She’s also not a cold lilac.  It’s as if a single drop of purple was dropped into some dishwater J  sounds *wrong* but what I mean is that she is built on a warm beigey-grey base rather than a cold white base.  Dishwater!  Ok, fairy dishwater – better ?

If you’re wondering, I had to cover the index finger on my left hand with a-england Merlin to cover the mess of my silk wrap – I quite liked the combo tho.  The right hand was double-swoony – an accent nail of DL Glitter In The Air, perfect over Guinevere.

This nail varnish defines the word beautiful.  She has grace, she has majesty and above all she has the wow factor.  The moment I saw her, I swooned, and I haven’t gotten up since.

Guinevere, it’s official – you’re a knockout.

Enjoy J  xx


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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