Saturday, 3 December 2011

Purple Crumpet Fairy Christmas Challenge - Snow Globe


Day 3 - Snow Globe

Hi Goddesses

Well I feel like I have started with 2 MAMMOTH fails in the Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Days of Christmas Challenge.  They required art work that was beyond my ability, and I have been pooping myself about my Snow Globe.

I did seriously contemplate copping out and just doing a skittle of wintry colours, all layered with CG Snow Globe, but NO, Crumpet riseth to the challenge!  So instead I spent half an hour wandering around the house trying to find a circular shape that would be just the right size for a snow globe.  Obviously, everything was just a little too big or a little to small – aaarrgghh!

Overview – this features 5 nails, 4 of which feature the same snowglobe, taken from different perspectives.  The thumb has the whole, the index finger the top half, the middle the bottom half and the pinkie a super zoomed-in version of the top half.  All the nails have had 2 coats of CG Sea Spray which is not only beautiful but PERFECT for winter manis, and the accent nail has 1 simple layer of CG Snowglobe.

Each nail features the same snowglobe – a ickle Cwismas twee J  I wanted to do something clean and simple and Christmas tree came up a lot for Google images.  The alternative was a snowman, but as I did that yesterday AND there’s a snowman day coming up … well, not an option.

Colours used –

·         Tree = CG Starboard
·         Outer rim of globe = SH White On
·         Base of globe = Barry M Gold
·         Silver tinsel, star and baubles = CG Cheers to You, a really fabulous metallic silver
·         Purple baubles = Milani 1 coat glitter in Purple Gleam
·         Tree trunk = Orly Instant Artist in Chocolate
·         Snow = Nubar White Polka Dot

Phew – for me, that constitutes MASSIVE planning and consideration lol!  I hope this “art” was tolerable for you J

BTW, if you're wondering why some photos are pre-clean up and pre Nubar, it's because Crumpet has learnt that disasters are ALWAYS around the corner, so I took some halfway-through photos *just in case*  :) 

It’s not too late to join us – just click here and do as many or as few days as you want – no pressure, just fun J

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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