Friday, 23 December 2011

Well, everybody has a FEW Untrieds .....


Hi Goddesses

So, the other night, in one of the groups we were in, we were talking of how we’re getting a little bored with the 31 Day Challenge (not cos it’s not ace, but because it feels like a marathon!) and one of best nail friends, Claire, challenged me to do a post on my untrieds.

I sighed, not because I didn’t see the value of the post, but because of all the rearranging I would have to do, which is why, at 1am last night, I was regrouping all my polishes.  The things I do for Claire Bear!

I’m not going to show you each one as I seriously do not have enough years of my life left to do that, but I’ll give you an overview J

Box 1.

This is quite an exciting box J  this holds my new A-Englands as well as some Sally Hansen nail prisms and Magicals.  This box also contains some of the handmade polishes I have bought from Pretty and Polished and Pam’s Girlie Bits.

Total count – 41

Box 2

This contains my super 15 polishes from my Models Own haul, my Essie Luxeffects, some CGs and some randoms from box sets that were in Boots for Christmas.

Total count – 44

Box 3

Aka The Box of Happiness J  this contains all my new Ozotics and my Sally Hansen chromes which arrived a few weeks ago.  It’s going to stay as a “toy box” which is why it’s also got the crackles in it.

Total count – 33

Box 4

Another box of random goodness.  This contains a lot of colour changing polishes which I can’t really wear in the bleak mid-winter, so they will need to wait for March probably.  There’s also some Wet n Wild Ices in there, some OPIs, LA Splash, and

Total count – 42

Box 5

The blues and pinks.  To be honest, most of the pinks were bought for artying around, and may never get used as full manis (altho there are a couple that will).  There’s also some tealy goodness and sparkly good ness in here.

Total count – 37

Box 6

Ah, box 6.  AKA The Box of Purples. Yes, this is ALL the untried purples I have !!!!  it’s a little bit shocking, isn’t it lol.

I won’t go through these at all, as they are all in the purple stash post I did a week or so ago, but OMG, there are 75 ish in here ….

Well, happy times ahead for the Crumpet then – who’s with me in a swatchathon lol.

Oh, and I case you were wondering, that makes 272 untrieds ….


Enjoy J  xx


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