Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Why Does My Candy Cane Not Look Like Your Candy Cane ???


Day 7 – Candy Cane

Hi Goddesses

Hope you are well.  I am sleepier than a sleepy thing just before hibernation – must be all the dark, cold weather bbbrrrrrrr.

I cannot decide whether I love this or whether it is an EPIC FAIL lol.  I went a bit wrong, cos it’s not stripey …  er … ok, let’s break it down, yo.

The colours are …
·         SH White On
·         Color Club Cadillac Red (a truly fabulous red)
·         My trusty CG Starboard, perfect for sooooo many manis.

Green ?  Green ??  well yes, this is possibly where I started to go wrong.  I did some Googling and saw all the red and white striped candy canes, and quite a lot of them had green bows and stuff for Christmas, soooooo my plan was going to be a red, white and green stripe.  However, laziness of the HIGHEST degree set in and I thought (mistakenly) ooooh I’ll do a swirly lollipop thing.

mmmmmmm.  Great idea Batgirl.   So one base coat of my white later, I did a thick stripe of red, white and green and swirled it together with my cocktail stick.

Things to be noted –

·         Yes, I did “accidentally” put a river of green on my thumb and it went ev-er-y-where, but look! look how pretty and swirly it got!  Lol.
·         Yes I did then have to plop another load of red on the nail just to balance it out, but y’know, improv y’all
·         Yes it reminds me of the Italian flag as well, but we don’t need to go *there*, do we
·         You have to admit, the index finger IS pretty awesome
·         No, they don’t REALLY look like lollipops, or candy canes, but it’s Christmas …. And er, this looks NOTHING like what it’s supposed to
·         HOWEVER you WILL all be thanking me when it’s flag week on some crazy challenge somewhere and you want to do something *fierce* for your accent nail

Harrumph. I was sooooo confident Day 7 was going to be an “easy” day, but you know me, always willing to pluck disaster from the jaws of victory lol. 

I am now off to finalise my 3rd attempt at snowflakes ….. who the hell picked a theme that required delicacy??!!!  Psh!

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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