Saturday, 21 January 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Week 3 - Stars

Hi Goddesses

So, the theme this week is Stars.  That's right, stars.  Not zebras ?  No.  Stars.

Is that an issue.  My god yes it's an issue!!  Lol.  This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am quite a sore loser.  The voting choices this week were stars, something I can't even remember, and acid zebras, which was my uber favourite, and I had gotten quite excited about it ... until it lost the vote.  I am a woman who ALWAYS gets her way, and you see, this is why democracy will just never work for me :)  

Anyway, enough whinging.  I already have demonic plans to free the zebras from their voting nightmare - free the zebras!  let the acid zebras roam free!  let -

Ahem, Crumpet ?  Uh ?  Oh.  Yes.  YES.  Stars.  The post.  Stars, super shiny happy lovely boring, no not boring, lovely STARS.

I wasn't sure what I'd do for this one, and imagined inspiration would strike me as soon as I worked out which plate to use - BM21.  But no.  Twas just stars .....  I didn't want to be too dull, and I thought about doing black stars on white - like a negative, but then, when I was playing around with some other polishes for a series of posts, happenstance struck.

So, for my not boring in any way at all no way Jose stars, we have - 2 coats of OPI Black Onyx and then a mixture of the 3 Picture Polish flakies - Festival, Splendour and Hypnotic.  I then used good ole Barry and his M for my stamping - his special effects Silver Foil (stamps like a dreeeeeeeeeam).

Actually, I do quite like it.  I really like that the flakieness gives it a galactic background.

Anyway, I need to go and rig no no, erm, set up the voting for next week's challenge ... in the meantime, whatever you're doing, enjoy, and if you'd like to become part of our Facebook group, just click here to join.

Enjoy xx :)
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