Sunday, 8 January 2012

Barry and his M - Racing Green

Hi Goddesses

Sorry, I've had this in "the vault" for ages.  Usually, there's only one reason that I don't post quickly - because I forgot to write about it whilst I was still wearing the mani.  And yup, exactly what happened here :)

Racing Green seems to be a real favourite of many of you who lust over Barry and his M.  I don't know whether it's the classic name "Racing Green" or whether it's that you all love the colour, but for me who loveth not the greens, I've seen others I like more.

Racing Green is a really dark forest green, shimmering with ill intent.  There's something of the peacock to it in the way that it catches the light, and tonally, it's very cold and blue, very pine green.

This is a colder, bluer green than Glittering Garland, and in some ways it's a non-holo version of Lizard Belly, and you either like this shade of green, or you don't.

For those of you who do indeed love this one, here's some more photo drool.  Enjoy xx :)

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