Sunday, 29 January 2012

Butter LONDON - Victoriana

Hi Goddesses

Siiiiigh, it would seem that my fall is complete.  My name is Crumpet, and I Like Blue !!!  I totally blame Sarah at Chalkboard Nails for this - she posted it and I was just all "oh, I like that :(".    Seems my blue hating days are over.

This came my way in a swap with my polish sister, Elizabeth Stern, and well, it's just absolutely gorgeous.  It goes on like a dream, looks like a dream and siiiiiiiiigh.  I loves it.

Victoriana is a teally kind of blue, infused with silver and gold specks, giving it a metallic / suede type of look.  It is totally the colour of far flung oceans, mesmerisingly twinkly in that way of the sea, and just utterly and inescapably beautiful.

I'm lucky in that I own a lot of polishes that I could just stare at, like artworks, and this is really in that category.  There's just a sublime perfection in the precise shade of blue this is and how perfectly the metal sits within it.

All day whilst wearing this, I've been thinking of mermaids, and how this would be a perfect base for a mermaid mani.  Sadly, before I could even get the stamping plate out this morning, the infamous left index nail split again :(   It has done well, it's not split for weeks, but it's still a pain in the ass, and when you look at the nail, you can see the fault line running half way down the nail.  So I am very sorry, no mermaid nails today, but they are in our near future :)

Enjoy xxx :)
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