Monday, 30 January 2012

China Glaze Dreamsicle - Blood Oranges

Hi Goddesses

So, somewhere along the way, along with my sudden adoration of things blue, I have become a bit of an orange whore too.  I don't know whether it's happened as an antidote to winter, or whether the oranges have just really upped their game, but yes, I am liking de orange.

My cocktail buddy Elizabeth is an orange afficionado, and recommended Dreamsicle to me.  To be fair, it is pretty amazing.  A lush bright orange filled with glitter and holographic particles - sensational.  It's bursting with life and happiness, makes me smile and is just scrumptious.

Now, it's also because of dear said cocktail buddy that this post is in 2 halves.  Despite being one of my besties, dear Elizabeth remains stubbornly allergic to purple, and has called me heinous names for what I did to this polish .... so for now, let's just look at my blood orange gradient :)

After 2 coats of Dreamsicle I decided I wanted red tips and used SH Right Said Red - a lovely bright red.   I sponged using a holey sponge, and it wasn't til I'd gotten to the last nails that I really got it right.   If your gradients aren't coming out right, learn from me - the less you have on your sponge, the better.

I absolutely loved how this looked at the halfway stage, and the 2 colours melded together beautifully.  I love that there's enough dazzle in the Dreamsicle that it peaks through the red too - yummylicious!

Also, how SUGARY does Dreamsicle look ?  I just love how it's overloaded with glitter, and it also reminds me a little of how an ordinary orange looks with CG Snow Globe over it.

So begrudgingly, hat doffed to the orange woman in Florida - I love her dearly, but maaaaaaan she's going to get big headed after this :)

Enjoy xx :)

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