Tuesday, 31 January 2012

China Glaze Dreamsicle - Part 2

Hi Goddesses

aka, Elizabeth, look away now !!!

Lol.  I mentioned in the Blood Oranges post, that my good friend Elizabeth despised me for what I did to one of her all-time favourite polishes.  Not only did I add a red gradient to it with SH Right Said Red, but I also added purple crackle, and if there's one thing Elizabeth hates, it's purple (really, it's a miracle we get on so well!)

The purple is Barry M's Purple Rain which is possibly my favourite crackle that I own.  I love how it shatters, in nice big spaced out chunks, but what I love most is that it dries with this amazing dusty finish, as if it would all disappear if you blew on it.

Of course, you can add a top coat and shine it up a little, but unusually for me, I love this dusty, talcy quality, especially when it contrasts so well with the base polish..

So this was 2 coats of Dreamsicle, the Right Said Red sponged gradient, and then 1 thick coat of Purple Rain.  I absolutely LOVED this.  There was something obnoxious about it that just made me smile, and even though it should all clash and look terribly wrong, there's something about it that's just soooooo right :)

Elizabeth hates it, of course, but d'you know what ..... I don't care :)   I loves it  :)

Enjoy xx :)
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