Sunday, 22 January 2012

China Glaze - LOL

Hi Goddesses

I've had these photos knocking around for the longest time - yup, I forgot to write the post whilst the polish was still on !!  LOL!  Oh, irony ... anyway, being a holo, I really didn't want to describe it from the photos, so I took advantage of it featuring in my Ultimate Purple Holo Post to tell you all about it.

I am really, REALLY, torn with this polish.  On the one hand, I am disappointed, because it dries incredibly flat.  There's none of the holo dazzle going on.  Weird.  And then you look more closely at it, and there's all sorts of bendiness going on, lots of fine movement and .. and then I kinda like it.

I guess this polish really suffers by comparison - personally, I think Color Club Wild At Heart blows it out the water.

And yet catch this in the right light and oooooh pretty .... but then, so flat ..... but then, ooooooh oil slick rainbow ... but then :( no holo holo.

To be fair, this might be a prismatic rather than a holo, but as I have no idea whatsoever what that means, let's just colour me confused, and torn and oooooh/:(    It also reminds me of a duochrome - so think of this as a purple / oil slick duochrome :)

PS all the photos for this post were taken at night.  In daylight, there's not even a quarter of the bend the photos are showing.

Enjoy xx :)

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