Sunday, 22 January 2012

China Glaze - QT

Hi Goddesses

Another one from the archives - yessssss, forgot to describe this one too before I took it off - so I am going to keep the words to a minimum on this one ( and yes, that WILL be a first, thank you very much - do I write too much, do I ?)

So this is the sister of LOL, and my feelings for it are exactly the same.  Flat texture, not enough action.  It does bend in the light, but this is not holo as we know it.

Colourwise this is a lovely deep rosy pink - and it looked very ladylike on, which just isn't me, is it :)

I decided although I LIKED it, I didn't LOVE it, and this now lives with my lovely friend Kerrie.  It's a good swap for this polish - she gets to university now!

Lol - here are some more photos - enjoy xx  :)

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