Monday, 2 January 2012

Drum Roll Please

Hi Goddesses

Are you ready to find out who won my Giveaway ??

Just as reminder, the prize was 2 bottles of Ozotic and 1 bottle of A-England. 

I love that the winner was the first person to enter the Giveaway lol.   It's nice when you can reward a genuine supporter and some one who was so damn keen!

Ha ha, so the winner is ..... Elizabeth Stern !!!!

Rather ironic, as Elizabeth was the person who got me to 200 Followers so that I could start the Giveaway.

Thank you everyone who reads my little ramblings, and thanks for all your comments too during the Giveaway.  It seems my nail art is tolerable but I had to chuckle at the people who asked for more swatches, posts of hauls and photos of my stash .... read me much ?  Lol.

Back to work for me tomorrow - booooooo - I have been loving the long lazy holidays.

Sooon  xx  :)
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