Sunday, 1 January 2012

Galloping Sir Galahad

A-England - Galahad

Hi Goddesses

I hope you are enjoying this very special week of VERY special polishes, and here is another from what I firmly believe could be THE brand of 2012 - A-England.

Those of you who follow me know I am not a big fan of blues (although I am getting there, yay), but wow, Galahad blew even me away.

Galahad is a luscious creme, nice and thick, perfectly opaque in 2 coats.  He is a lovely turquoise, yet not brash - he is not too bright, too electric or too much of a diva.   There's a murky serenity to this blue which lifts him above the obvious and into much rarer territory.

He's very grandiose, and again, speaks of ancient houses and lost pearls.  He's rich, darker than Tiffany, but would look AMAZING with silver - he also looks pretty damn hot with some of the Essie Luxeffects, and I will show you later in the week.

This is just a total love for me, which from someone who doesn't really "love" blue, is a big compliment.  For those of you who DO love blue, buy Galahad and you may just pee your pants :)

Enjoy xxx :)
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