Saturday, 28 January 2012

ICING Birthday Beyotch & After Party

With a little help from China Glaze Traffic Jam

Hi Goddesses

A double delight for you today - 2 Icing polishes that have been causing a little bit of a stir.

As you know, I am a sucker for glitters, so the moment I saw these, I WANTED, and my good friend Bee was happy enough to make that happen for me :)

After Party you will have seen more of - it's a crazy shredded irregular glitter which does look like the stuff you sweep up after the last dance.   It's also weird though.  In all the photos I've seen, it's looked electric, but when the bottle arrived it looked ...... coppery, and muted.   Happily, that's just a trick of the light, and once on the nail it's a mixture of orange, blue, gold, and silvery lilac glitter.

I have to say, it looks nowhere near as stunning over the Traffic Jam as it does in photos I've seen of it over black, so fail for me.   This is a nice *different* glitter - just that little bit edgy.

Birthday Beyotch on the other hand plays it a lot safer, but I possibly prefer it.  These is small and medium round glitter in silver, gold, blue and reddy-pinky-orange.   At first glance it's similar to Happy Birthday and Rainbow Connection, but it has fewer colours in it.  I actually prefer that - the blue is very pronounced, which really makes it *pop* on the nail.

Traffic Jam ?   Aaah, Traffic Jam.  When this came out, I decided I didn't need another pink, it's not even a colour I wear that much, but then I saw a water marble using this and Urban Night and knew I had to get it.  This is absolutely intense and electric and super fabulous.  It's the perfect dark fuchsia / cerise / dark magenta - great for contrasts, but also beautiful in its own right.

Finally, like all glitters, these SCRATCH.   I hurt myself :(   not that I could admit to anyone that I had a glitter injury, but seriously, do yourself a favour and try NOT to rub your eye.

Enjoy xx  :)
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