Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mad As A Hatter ...... Meeeeeeee ?

Hi Goddesses

Sorry, that wasn't annoying enough.  HI GODDESSES lookey what I got !!!!  Yes the infamous and legendary and ooooh very glittery OPI Mad As A Hatter, or MAAH to his friends.  I think I might call mine Madge.

Yes, now you'll have heard me whinge A LOT about the price of polish in England but holy miracle of miracles, karma did be-right itself, and this week there was a clearance sale online where MAAH was available for just £6.49 pounds of the realm, as was Absolutely Alice, and SH Hidden Treasure (the original one) was £1.49 !!!!!  Holy crapola!!!  That *almost* makes up for all the extorting that goes on for the rest of the year!   So I bought 2, yes 2 MAAHs .... ooooh wonder what will be happening to the other one ....

Anyway, yes, do you like my splatter mani ?  Honestly, I'm serious.  When I started this on Sunday night with 2 coats of CG Urban Night (dark blackcurrant jam, very licious) I was certain I was going to do a splatter mani, but then Madge winked at me from the corner of my desk, and well ... was there EVER a combo more perfect ???!!!

I tried to do a bit of a glitter gradient but without using a sponge (don't judge me, all the glitter gets eaten by the sponge), so there was 1 layer of airy fairy splodginess, with added random factor, a half layer over that, and then an extra special swipe across the tips.

I have to say, this has been a SENSATIONAL combination.  It's fascinated me for 2 days and I'm only taking it off cos so many ideas / polishes v so little time plus another 56 on the way ooooops I may have a problem lol.   

Just look at that bottle.   To be honest, I've never really wanted MAAH, it was the price that persuaded me lol, and the fact it was HTF, but do you know what, that's some pretty in that there bottle.  Lots of silver, lots of pinky purpleyness, hints of brightest blue, all ground up super super fine.  It literally is Fairy Dust on Glam Rock Day.

I'm not sure I'll ever want to wear this on its own, but I DON'T CARE, Madge LOVES purple!!  What could make a Crumpet happier !!!

Enjoy xxx :)  oh and keep thinking about that spare bottle I have.  Oh, and obsessing.  Yes, let the thought of it consume you .....  fun times :)

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