Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh Oh Ozotic 617 + Mattifying Holos ..... Ooooooh

Hi Goddesses

Wow oh wow oh wow oh wow oh what have we here ???!!!  Only the holoeyist thing EVER !!!  And it's blue !!  I KNOW !!!!

And let me promise you this - this post is EPIC, EPIC I tells ya.  LOADS of photos, a bit of stamping and at the end ... gulp .. what happens when you mattify a holo ....!   Uh huh!

Ta dahhhhh here is Oh-zotic 617, and as beautiful as she is, I am extremely worried about myself.  What's with all the blue lovin' Crumpet ??  I dunno.  But, but ...but .... I KNOW.  Why do I suddenly like blue lol ?  Who knows, and frankly, ppppfffff who cares when the blue is as sensational as this.

This is a coarse grain holographic in an indecently intense shade of turquoise - it leans to the aqua side; there's no green here, except in the holo.  There's a purity of colour here that's INSANE.  It's so deep, so intense, so hypnotic.  And so flamboyant.   Never mind needing the bright lights, this shameless hussie gets her holo out as soon as you look at her (with one exception, which I'll come to later).

Her colour is the blue of India, of aquamarine oceans and of lagoons.  You might also see her hiding in a parrot, or a tropical rainforest :)   But my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my, it's not even the colour that transfixes you; it's the holo.

Goddesses, this is crazy holo time.  This is "ooops, Mommy Holo took some crack and had an Acid Holo Baby" time.  It's INSANE.   This ripples gold and yellow and greeny yellow; peach and rose pink.   Most of the time she's scattered, but fix her with a spotlight and she's linear too.  Holy wow!

In flat light (such as the toilet cubicle at work) this takes on another kind of beauty.  She looks like a metallic aqua and silver concoction with a mermaid green underbase sometimes shining through - a little how a suede looks.  Truly beautiful and *almost* worth mattifying, just for the fun :) 

Oh, talking of fun, look what I diiiiiiiiid.  I had playtime.  I used stamp M65 from Konad with Color Club Lumin-icent on the left hand and mainly Cold Metal on the right.

Lessons?  I thought the silvery blue of Lumin-icent would really compliment the silvery flecks in the Ozotic, but they didn't, and they also didn't create enough contrast.  I am *much* more pleased with the darker blue though - I feel you get to see both the pattern AND the holo, whereas the silver kind of kills both.

And did you like the 1 matte finger?  Nice, huh?  I couldn't resist, I was soooooo curious and doesn't it look GREAT?   Like a suede. So for the rest of the week, it's MATTE HOLO WEEK.  That's right ladies, roll up, roll up and prepare for Crumpet rolling the Welcome Matte out to the holos !!!! (Sorry ... not funny ... I know ... sorry ...)

So, to sum up:  She has the depth of oceans, the potency of undiscovered wild birds and the hallucinogenic bendiness of a Grade A holo!!!   She is awesome.   2 words - GRAB HER !!!

Enjoy xxx :)

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