Sunday, 15 January 2012

OPI Who Are You Wearing + Ozotic 529

Hi Goddesses

This is another one from the vault.  I'm really gutted about that.  In my excitement to stamp over it (which you'll see in a separate post) I totally forgot to write my love-poem while the colour was visible, dramatic and gorgeous and breathtaking and to die for.

Not only that, I ALSO forgot to describe the Oh-zotic wondrousness of the Layering Gods before I stamped over it ..... sloppy Crumpet!

So, from the photos it is.  I remember this didn't photograph nearly as beautifully as it should have done, and it also didn't glow the way it does in the bottle.  This is ENTIRELY due to the miserable British weather, and I can't wait to photograph this in Spring sunshine :)

OPI Who Are You Wearing was another in my uberhaul from Janet at the Boulder Creek Boutique in the autumn.  It's a dark purple - very plum skin coloured - with amazing shimmer and blurpleness.  It's one of those "classic" OPI colours that define that brand so well.

It's deliciously, decadently and sinfully dark - bruised, decaying, deep - it's got the lot.  The photos really aren't the best, but hopefully you can see the gothic shimmer in some of them - awesome.

I layered Oh-zotic 529 over it, and immediately fell in love - soooooo tinkly and twinkly and oooooooh.  Lol.   Ozotic 529 is happiness in a bottle.  Although it looks dark from the outside, the polish base is actually clear, and it's the density of the glitter that makes it look so dark.  Swimming around in there we have the teensiest size of blue, purple, red, pink and turquoise glitter - just enough to create a multichromal madness on the nail.

This Ozotic is called an Elytra, and wow, it just makes everything look sensational.  It blended PERFECTLY and poetically with the OPI, creating a dusting of galaxy powder that fizzed and shone as it sought out the light.   I love how many different colours you can see twinkling at any one time.  This was just total and utter magic to wear.   

I have no idea why these photos weren't done in the nail studio aka utility room lol, unless the light was too white and just wouldn't capture the purple properly.  Also, sorry that there are 1 or 2 gunky edges.  I don't know what happens, but give me a dark polish, and my painting ability regresses to that of a 3 yr old.  Seriously, even Beth tuts!

I'm going to do this mani again when the weather improves, but hopefully you've seen enough for now to know that both of these polishes are truly special.  You can pick up this Oh-zotic at our Woman of the Year, LLARowe :)

Enjoy xx :)
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