Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ozotic 621 - Red Holo Wonderness

Ozotic - 621

Hi Goddesses

Oh boy.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy.  Something as pretty as this should not be let loose in the universe without a warning! Oh My God, This Is 621.

Ozotic 621 – man I hate it when they give a polish a number.  It’s VERY hard to remember, and this is why SOME Crumpets, accidentally order a polish twice.  Because it’s a number.  A polish should have a name.  Ideally a witty OPI-styleee name, but even a plain-as-you-like Barry M style name would be nice.

So let me rename thee – Ohzotic Red Wonderbomb.  How much sexier is that, right ??!!  Oh yeh, and I stuck a H in Ozotic cos they make me go Oh.  Oh-zotics.

Lol.  Enough.  I have wanted 621 ever since I first set my greedy little eyes on her, which I think was on the blog of More Nail Polish , which features a lot of Australian stuff.  Usually, I buy my Ozotics from Leah Ann Rowe but she was out of stock of the Eleytra I wanted, so I accidentally ended up in another eBay store (Dusk To Dawn) and oh my.  They had LOTS of naughty pretties.

So USD200 lighter, I came away with this and some other gorges, but my oh my, 621.   Also, thank you sunshine gods.  I wore this over Christmas, and on Boxing Day, sunshine was POURING into the nail room - how AWESOME are some of these photos ?  No credit it to me, just total credit to the heavenly marriage of holo + sunshine :)

621 is a deep red holo.  The holo is wild and luminescent, and this polish looks lit from within.  It *seems* very similar to Glitter Gal Red Holo Sparkle, and as soon as *another* red holo (I know, me very bad) arrives, I am going to do a comparison post.

The holo particle size in this is very similar to the Milani size, like flecks of sugar, but nothing has ever glowed like this polish.  It’s like wearing molten lava on your nails – amazing.

Redwise, it is RED, with no blue tones and no brown tones either, but because of its obnoxious level of sparkle, it goes on a little bit less ruby than it looks in the bottle.

This is an absolute BELTER of a polish, just utterly utterly gorgeous, and it’s one of those polishes you also cannot stop staring at (good job I can touch type lol).

This applied like a dream and has been hard-wearing.  I’m not ready to take it off, but I have to because I have 1 mani left to do for the Christmas Challenge.

So bye-bye sweet Red Wonderbomb.  I love you.  I lust you.  I am going to be wearing you often.  I love you.

Enjoy xx J


Top Tip – if you’re ever unsure what a nail colour looks like, go to Google images, which will give you plenty of contrasts and compares.

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