Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ozotic 624 and more Holo v Matte Playtime!

Hi Goddesses

I am really sorry for having been such an erratic Crumpet this week.  I fear there is going to be major blog-catching-upping at the weekend, so I hope you're ready!   I have been a bit pooped this week, from my exciting new job and from trying to keep the flu at bay, so apologies.

I thought I would continue with my Ozotic holo theme and crack open the 624.   When I bought this, I was super excited.  I hadn't yet tried A England's Lady of the Lake, and thought this was the perfect purple holo.  Well turns out she's not quite as dark as I thought she would be, and whilst she's pretty, there's a few ounces of drama missing for my liking.

Oh-zotic 624 is again a coarse particled holo, so the more sugary effect.  The purple is medium, with dusty brown notes, and a lot more similar to the Glitter Gal purples than I thought it would be.  That leaves just HITS Dionisio to try, which I'll be doing at the weekend, as well as a comparison of all my purple holos.

So, back to the 624.   I feel I'm being really mean here, which is unfair, because this is still PURPLE and it's still HOLO, which means it still beats half the polishes in the world before it even comes out of the bottle.  I am lacking the oooh and the aaahs I had for 621 and 617, and there's 2 reasons for that -

1.  the colour just isn't calling to me.  As I said, more drama required
2.  the holo in this is the weakest of the 3.  Whilst it still twinkles and gives off a lovely rosy rainbow, it restricts itself to the pink spectrum, occasionally veering bluey, but never wowing you with the dazzle.

does this remind anybody else of the leap to hyperspace lol?

I got Essie's Matte About You out again, and did 2 accent nails - quite loving the contrast actually.   

Not so impressed with the chips though - next time I might use the Matte over Poshe.

And then finally I thought I'd do some patterns.  2 things I learned -

1.  matte patterns on holo don't show up very well on camera lol
2.  it is very hard to see with the naked eye whilst you're doing it!  I was doing the stripe thinking "I know it was round here somewhere".  Once the matte starts drying it does get easier tho.

matte stripes on the middle finger

Thumb - matte polka dots :)

This one is quite hard to see, but this was holo, then a full coat of matte, and then Poshe spillage and "drips" - you can *just* about see it.

I really like the ring finger though it doesn't show up very well - this is holo, matte top coat and then Poshe polka dots.  The little finger you just can't see at all - I was trying to do some matte swirls.

So there you have it, for what it's worth.  I am seriously worried I have been corrupted by Elizabeth Stern, you know.  First I'm liking blues and a few greens and a few oranges, and now I've gone all meh over a purple.

Hmmmm ... must go and check I have not been abducted by aliens and replaced by a pseudo-Crumpet .........

Enjoy xx :)
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