Sunday, 22 January 2012

Picture Polish - HYPNOTIC

Hi Goddesses

.....aaaaand Welcome, to my 2nd Picture Polish flakie - Hypnotic.

Aaah, this one is a real sweetie.  I'm quite fond of it, like a ickle baby lamb.  Lol, this combines about half the joy of Splendour (orange/green flakie) and then adds in a dash of blue flakie.  The blue is a finely balanced electric, see-sawing between purple-turquoise-pink.

As with Splendour, the flakies are fine and small, so if you want a lot of shape shifting action, you need 2 or 3 coats.  I am quite liking that they are so sparse on just 1 coat.  It creates an effect, but not an overpowering one, a really subtle "is she or isn't she" moment.

The real win for me in this is the blue flakies.  Personally, I'm a little bored that everyone is on the green/orange axis when there's a whole host of other colours to be played with.

As before, this is over the following colours - 
thumb = SH Right Said Red
index = SH Delphinium
middle = CG Starboard
ring = CG Secret Peri-wink-le
pinkie = OPI Black Onyx

Again, I liked it over the red and the black, and as you'd expect, it worked WITH the blue and the lilac, but whilst still having an impact.  

The green, not so much of a success this time around.

There'll be more soon - enjoy.

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