Saturday, 21 January 2012

Picture Polish SPLENDOUR

Hi Goddesses

Be warned, we're about to get a little flakey crazy over the next few days :)

Picture Polish, for those of you who don't know, is a great Aussie brand.  They do some beautiful colours, a couple of glitters, they also make the Ozotic line and at the back end of last year they released 3 flakies - Splendour, Hypnotic and Festival.   Unfortunately, Finger Paints released theirs at the same time, and the Picture Polishes got a little lost in the mix.  So, whilst I will also do the FPs, I want to focus first on Picture Polish (they make Ozotic, okay, therefore they rule!)

All of these posts feature the same colours on the same nails - 
thumb = SH Right Said Red
index = SH Delphinium
middle = CG Starboard
ring = CG Secret Peri-wink-le
pinkie = OPI Black Onyx

Splendour is lovely.  This is predominantly an orange to gold to green flakie, although I think it has more emphasis on the orangey gold than Nubar 2010 or Essie Shine of the Times.    It also has smaller and sparser flakes, which you'll either love or hate.  Hate, because it means you'll have to use 2 coats to get thick coverage, or love (like me) because it allows you to either vary the look, or keep it light for the pastels.

My favourite combo here is  the red, hands down, no contest, ring ring.   It looks like Dragon fire, amazing.   The gold burns within the red, giving it an amazing liquid lava look that I just can't get enough of.

You've always got to respect the black too. Flakies always look best over black, and this perfectly allows you to see the orange and green, as well as the sparsity of the flakes.

I find it interesting that the effect of the flakies is muted on the Delphinium, almost as if it knew it was working with a pastel and couldn't be too showy lol, and you'll see on the lilac and the blue how much peachier the orange tones are.

The orange can get a little lost in the green, but that's fine, cos you also get a really electric yellow effect, making it look like flecked green glass.

Spendour ....  doesn't the word just want to be savoured on your lips ?  Splendouuuuuuur.   Mmmmmmm.   SPLENDID !!!

Enjoy xx :)
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