Monday, 2 January 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Animal Print

Hi Goddesses

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!   Back, back, back!  Lol, after a few weeks off to do the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge, the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge is back to be being a weekly event.

The group was set up by Claire and myself to push ourselves, develop our "talents" and come up with some cool ideas.  We now have a lot of friends who have joined us - let's see how many post today :)

This week's challenge was chosen by the lovely Zoe at  - her choice was animal print.  All along I knew what I wanted to do - crack out the legendary Konad M57, take her for a dance, and use colours that you would NEVER see in nature :)

Models Own Purple Rain is from my Christmas bargain haul of 15 polishes for £50.  It went on fine, but man, why am I messier whenever I put on a dark colour?  I've gotten heaps better at colouring withn the lines, but give me a dark colour and I turn into a 3yr old again!  AND they don't clean up easy!  Lol.

I stamped using SH White On and then added some Poshe and was really really happy.  However, I am also a big believer in playing with your mani, so taking a hint from Fingers Polish Mania who is OBSESSED with them, I decided to add a funky french in the base colour (stamping hint, this is a REALLY useful technique when the stamp hasn't covered the whole nail).

In real life, I loved it more with the tips.  In the photos ?  Nah, I'm leaning the other way. Which do you prefer ?

Enjoy xx :)
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