Friday, 27 January 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Polka Dots

Hi Goddesses

Wow, it's been a tough and long week!  I have had to use my brain a lot at work, and it has Wiped Me Out!   It's 7pm ish here in the UK and I am seriously thinking of just lying down on the bed right now!  I'm only writing this post because I might as well whilst my pizza is in the oven lol.

So this week's challenge at the Purple Crumpet Fairy was POLKA DOTS, something nice and easy, and I had no idea which colours I was going to use.  Eventually I settled on Essie School of Hard Rocks and Absolutely Shore from this week's pastel haul (coming soooon).

Things To Note aka Doh!
yeeeeeeeees, there was supposed to be an accent nail on my left hand but before I could say Bollocks, I had painted my ring finger

I much preferred the right hand in real life, but the stark white light of the utility room has not been kind to it or my hands which look horribly lobstery

the dots are WAY better on the right hand where I got a better degree of randomness going (Bee, it's the right hand that reminds me of you xx)

School of Hard Knocks is a really interesting colour - a dark grey sage green - and Absolutely Shore is super pretty - a very milky green, and not quite as cold as in these photos (almost, but not quite).

Feel free to join us at the Purple Crumpet Fairy if you want to - just click here.  We take it in turns to choose the challenges and post on Fridays.   Also, excitingly, we are starting a Spring Challenge soon - it's spread over 2 months so that we get some break days.  Again, if you want to join in that, hop on over :)

Have a great weekend.  My plan involves setting a new world record for sleeping lol xxxx

Enjoy xx :)

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