Saturday, 14 January 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - Your Favourite Piece of Jewellery

Hi Goddesses

I am sorry to be late posting this, but last night, the flu finally caught up with me and I was in bed by 8pm.  I honestly didn't think I'd be getting up at all today, but as long as I'm not standing, I seem to be ok lol.

This week's PCFC was chosen by the lovely Joy - do a mani based on your favourite piece of jewellery.  Most of my jewellery is silver, and I had 2 manis in mind.  The first was to do dotted layers of silver to mimic the layers of the silver beaded bracelets I like to wear, and the other was to do a mani based on my very favourite piece of jewellery - a necklace.  I thought the bracelets would turn out better, but whaddya know, its actually the necklace, my true favourite, that turned out ok!

I bought this off ebay (of course) - it's a Links of London silver necklace, about a metre in length, that can be worn anyway you want it.  It has a horseshoe link that fastens onto any of the hoops in the design, so you can wear the necklace in one loop, 2 or a mixed pattern. I absolutely ADORE this necklace.  It really defines me.  I love the bubble pattern and the dangliness of it; I love that I bought a £600 necklace for less than £100; and I love that it is something I am not - delicate lol.  However, that has lead to 3 breakages where it had to be soldered back together - Crumpet has now learnt not to wear it in bed or get it tangled in buttons lol.

For my base I used OPI Ogre The Top Blue, and my trusty silver was, as always, CG Cheers To You.  I used a fairly thin dotting tool, because as we know, I am useless with brushes.

I actually think I have captured the design quite well, if maybe a little indelicately.  And it's a sign of how obsessed I am becoming that I look at my nails and go "ooooh, that would be a cool stamping pattern" lol.

I'm going to see if I can make the bracelets look better in the morning, but it's highly doubtful lol.  In the meantime, enjoy xxxx :)
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