Friday, 20 January 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge - GlitterBOMB!

Hi Goddesses

This week's Challenge was Glitterbomb, something I have yet to successfully do, and it bugs the crap out of me that I haven't mastered it yet.  It involves glitter.  Lots of glitter.  More glitter than they sell in the biggest Glittery Shop in Glitterland on National Glitter Day.   Myself, I OWN enough glittery polishes to be that shop, and yet I suck at Glitterbombs.  Major harrumph.

I've yet to find a brilliant combination, probably because a lot of my glitters are of very similar densities, and the best glitterblombs are the ones that have varied layers.  Anyway, I birthed an audacious idea and, well, this was either going to be a triumph or total carnage!

I decided to do something that clashed, and picked a base of Zoya Yara, a deliciously weed coloured green with gold and copper flecks, 

layered on some PINK LA Splash in Sparkling Fushia, 

and then added some NYX Prismatic Gold to re-emphasise the original gold flecks in the Yara and FINALLY 

a layer of Finger Paints Motley, to just confuse it all a little.

Oh yes, and I only did it on one nail.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Yes, Crumpet learnt from what other people do, and only did it as an accent, and confused though I still am about whether it's a success or not, I think it looks loads better for only being an accent.

So there you have - Subtle Crumpetage - not often that happens lol.

Enjoy xx :)

PS - these are the bracelets I tried to do for last week's favourite piece of jewellery mani!!

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