Sunday, 8 January 2012

Purple Water Marble Fail

Hi Goddesses

Last week, when I was wondering what to do for my 300th post, I thought of this - using my favourite colour (purple) and my favourite style (water marbling).  I am no water marbling goddess, but usually they come out ok.

Well this sucked.  This sucked big style.  This puckered up and hoovered the very life force out of me.  It was hideous, and I hated it, so no 300th post.  However, I am still going to share it, because it's a useful example of what you can do when things go wrong.

Right, you're only going to see this once, cos it's truly hideous - man it's ugly!!  This is a base coat of CG Spontaneous, and then the colours used for marbling are -
CG Spontaneous
CG First Mate
Color Club Jack n Jill
Barry M Vivid Purple

Gah!!  it's all so gaaaaaaaaaah!!  oh, it's so hideous I can barely look at it, though I do like the stripes on the thumb.  So, why do I hate it ?  Well, it's just too DARK.  With water marbling, you need to pick colours that are tonally similar, but these are just TOO similar.  There is hardly any difference between the Vivid Purple and the First Mate, meaning that there are 2 layers of pure darkness in there.  Against this, the pink and the medium purple, just don't stand a chance.

I also have to say, I under estimate Spontaneous A LOT.  Whenever I use it, things go bad.  It looks so similar to Planks A Lot, but it's MUCH deeper.  Also, every time I use it, I have spillage - this time I managed to gloop it everywhere when I overloaded the brush!

As I was still in a water marbling mood, I played a little more, and for the right hand, took out the layer of Vivid Purple, leaving just the blue, the pink and a medium purple.  Doesn't it look better ?  Much more balanced.  And the pink takes the stage a lot more.

Some days, I might have considered tarting this up with a glittery or shimmery top coat, but there was no point really, it came straight off!  I just HATED it. 

Looking at the photos now, some of them aren't too bad, and I do like how the ring finger looks a bit like a purple peacock feather.

So, this one gets chalked up to the god of Learning.  We will NOT be making this mistake again lol.  But I guess the real joy of water marbling is that because every nail looks so different (unless you're Colette lol), you CAN get away with making some tweaks and changes.

Enjoy xx  :)
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