Monday, 16 January 2012

Red and Aqua Nails

Hi Goddesses

Sometimes, my daughter is a frikkin' genius!  She may only be 8, but she has a really evolved colour sensibility.  You may remember her input into my frankens, and that she was responsible for picking the colours for my watery water marble a couple of months ago, and now she has excelled herself ...... with THIS.

I've been planning to do this mani for AGES lol, and actually bought my "supplies" a couple of months ago.  It wasn't til Sarah actually did it on Chalkboard Nails though that I knew it would work.

This is a base of OPI I Don't Do Dishes, sponged in a special way with CG For Audrey.  When I asked Beth what colour we should sponge with, I was thinking gold, black, maybe orange, and when she said blue .... Ta-dah!  Genius moment.  I cannot BELIEVE how well For Audrey works against the red.

So, tools you will need for this are simple -
* a big sponge
* a thingy - I don't know what they're called, but they're the things you use to soap yourself with in the shower
* ideally a Boo Boo - lol, I asked Beth to help as I thought I'd need a helping hand; turned out I didn't, but she loves that she "created" this look

Cut a piece of both sponge and thingy.  You'll need to hold the piece of thingy over your nail, stretching it to get the pattern you want.  As long as you've cut a decent size, it's possible to hold this in place with the fingers of the hand you are painting.  And then dab your polish on with a sponge et voila!

Sometimes, it's the accidental things that work, and I love how on the index finger Beth got bored with the sponging, and on the ring finger she overdid it - this randomness appeals to me, and I much prefer it when the nails aren't uniform.

Really loving this mani - it TOTALLY rocks in person, and it's sooooo simple.

Must find Beth and steal more ideas ... Boo Boo ?

Enjoy xx :)

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