Monday, 30 January 2012

Retro Nails

Hi Goddesses

I've had this sad little mani knocking round for a few weeks, too shy to bare her face to the public.  We started with such high hopes together, but got let down at the final hurdle :(

This starts with Models Own Beth's Blue, which I admit I only bought because it shares its name with my daughter, but - ooooh isn't it lovely?!   There is the softest teeniest hint of lavender going on, which just gives this a lushness which takes the breath away.  This is a pale blue unlike any others I have seen.  Gorgeous.

I had been itching to try this particular Red Angel stamp (RA105) and I decided it would look fab and groovy if I did the stamping in red.

And do you know what, it would have done, apart from 2 things.  Firstly, the red I used just wasn't intense enough.  I used CG Salsa, which stamped fine when I was making my stamping book, but which just didn't do the job here.   There's a lack of sharpness to the pattern which is really underwhelming.  The 2nd disappointment was the Out The Door Wet Look top coat I'd been lusting after, and which I used on this one - can you see how much it streaked the left hand ??

Well, actually, no, you may not be able to see that cos I did try not to photograph it lol, but it damn near broke my heart.  Then on the right hand, the Poshe streaked some of the red too, though not as bad as the OTD did.  Boooooo hoooooo.

I was gutted.  This could have looked sensational.    I'll probably try it again cos I do love its cool retro vibe, just a shame it didn't quite work :(

Enjoy !!  xx :)
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