Sunday, 29 January 2012

Stamping Sundays - The Zebras Came to Funkytown !!

Hi Goddesses

So, you may remember last Sunday I spent a lot of time describing whining about how Stars had won as the stamping theme and not my personal choice of Acid / Funky Zebras.  Now, I am nothing if not a crafty Crumpet who knows how to get her own way, and strangely enough one of the choices this week was a Plate Ending in 7.  And what does Konad 57 have on it ????  ZEBRA PRINT !!!!  AND IT WON !!!! Yay.    Evil fiendish laugh.

Now because of said whining, the pressure was quite high to do something outstanding.  I debated long and hard what the right colour combo should be, and actually wish I had gone with electric blue and electric pink, but never mind.  This mani ???  Boy did it pay me back for being a whiny bitch ......

Step by Step Guide to Trip to Funkytown, Hasty Exit and Creeping Return

The base for this is good ole Barry M and Block Orange.  I love this colour - it is what is says it is - screaming orange!

this was topped with 2 coats of Ludarana Flocado in FLASH, an amazing electric flakie which flashes between acid yellow and acid green.  Love this combo.

Crumpet is very happy so far.   This signals impending disaster.

The aim was to create a zebra that could not possibly exist in nature, but might be seen dancing quite gaily in Funkytown, so I decided the orange should have bright pink stripes. I chose my beloved CG Traffic Jam (about as pink as you can get) and ......oh noooooo, I can't even see you on top of the orange :(  Absolutely gutted :(

So, instead I started stamping with Barry M Vivid Purple, which is dark, but again it didn't show up against the nail as much as I wanted to, and so, at approximately 4pm yesterday afternoon, the zebras left Funkytown, expelled by the high council for their airy-fairyness.

However, as they approached the city walls, one of the zebras had a flash of inspiration and telepathically sent me this message - do another layer of purple!!  Er, what, line the stamp up??  Lol !!  Lolololololololol !!!  But the zebras kept pleading and bleating and so I did ....

And what you see before you is DOUBLE STAMPED funky zebras!   I know !!!!  They still don't look quite how I wanted, but I am soooo impressed with my double stamping lol.  Except the thumb ?  Yes, but we don't need to discuss that ....

See you in FunkyTown !!  Enjoy xxx  :)

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