Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tristam, Tristam, sweet sweet Tristam

Hi Goddesses

Ok, I am aware I do this a LOT, but man alive, this is a BEAUTIFUL polish AND it just crashed into my All Time Top 10.  I know I gush a lot, but only when I truly love something.  And yes, I have gushed about a lot of polishes, and I would like to think this is down to my discerning ability to only buy good polishes, but really ?  Well, people like Adina are just spoiling us rotten, aren't they ?

This week is a special week for Adina, as A-England launch their 2nd Collection, The Legend, based on the tale of St George and the Dragon.  Well, I'm still working through the Mythicals, but it seemed as good a time as any to celebrate an absolute MASTERPIECE of a polish - Tristam.

You all know I am a purple whore.  A year ago, I DID NOT DO BLUE.  No way, Jose!  Now, I'm half way there, and polishes like this only tempt me more.  Deep, intense, soft, delicate, complex - this is the blue to end all blues, even better than the Lippmanns.

Tristam is a deep, mysterious blue, similar in tone to CG First Mate.  It's as if someone took navy, crossed the purple line and bought a slight dusting of it back, added a blob of cream and then a vat of holo - he is THAT special.  The most beautiful thing about him is how much depth the holo adds - it's an optical illusion, but it's like you can see a centimetre INTO your nail :)  The holo bends golden and yellow, mainly, and is just sooooooo pretty.

I've deliberately added a few blurred photos in this post, because it is sometimes the only way to really show the holo - can you see how much it dances ?

You can almost feel the passion that went into this polish.  This isn't *just* a blue holo, it truly is a work of art, with a concentration of colour as pure and sublime as the very mastery that created it - it truly is a Polish Wonder of the World.

For those of you who lust after OPI DS Glamour, this might satiate your lemming.  For those of you who love beautiful polishes - your collection is incomplete until you own this exquisite gem.  

And beware, Tristam IS mesmerising.  You will literally be staring at your nails for HOURS, transfixed, hypnotised and high on the euphoria of this masterpiece.

Tristam ------ ah, it's true love.

Enjoy xx :)

PS - according to Wikipedia, Tristam is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornish hero and one of the Knights of the Round Table featuring in the Matter of Britain. He is the son of Blancheflor and Rivalen (in later versions Isabelle and Meliodas), and the nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, sent to fetch Iseult back fromIreland to wed the king. However, he and Iseult accidentally consume a love potion while en route and fall helplessly in love. The pair undergo numerous trials that test their secret affair.

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