Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Zoya Sooki Dances The Polka

Hi Goddesses

I resisted for suuuuuuch a long time, but finally, it had to be done.  I caved.  I bought Sooki.

She seems to top everybody's list of the perfect red, so I snapped her up as a post Christmas bargain on eBay.  I also had to trim my nails this weekend, and there is nothing better on short nails than red .... so, Sooki time!

Sooki is a very bright red, at the very beginning of the spectrum as we move out of Orangetown.  She has a lot in common with Wet n Wild's Everybody Loves Red-mond, but is not dark as some other reds such as OPI Vodka & Caviar.  She's bright, she's cheerful and she just screams joy :)

I knew what I wanted to do with this mani, and it's one of those rare and happy occasions where what you see is what I wanted!  This is 2 coats of Sooki with a coat of Nubar Black Polka Dot and then a coat of Nubar White Polka Dot, and doesn't it look AWESOME?

Speaking of which, awesome is fast becoming my most overused word - sorry!

As some of you know, Tangled In My Web was one of my favourite polishes last year, and I debated whether I needed the Nubar.  The answer ?  Yes, you do, as there is a subtle yet major difference.  Whilst TIMW is "just" black glitter, the Nubar also has tiny black dust particles, which I personally love.  To me, it gives it more of a grafitti look - love it!

And is just me, or does this remind you of baby cherry tomatoes with lots of salt and pepper on them ??  Mmmmmmm ha ha.

So, super happy with this one, and a great cheerful look to get me through Monday :)  (which was yesterday, today it's all about Tristam - I am saving his post for later in the week!)

Enjoy xx  :)
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