Saturday, 28 January 2012


Hi Goddesses

As an impulsive and compulsive shopaholic, I often make mistakes.  I'll buy things, decide I can live without them, sell them, and then a few weeks / months later go "maaaaan, I wish I'd kept that".  Lol.   Welome to Yara's story.

I originally bought Yara when Smoke and Mirrors came out, and agreed she was stunning.  However, at that time, I rarely wore anything other than purple, red, or pink on my nails, and I decided I didn't need Yara AND Dree.  Whilst I thought Yara was undoubtedly the better polish of the 2, I decided to keep Dree because I thought she would be more versatile for nail art.   So, I put her on ebay, she got snapped up immediately, and even as I was wrapping her up to send to her new mommy, I already felt regret.

So, fast forward 5 months, and me and Yara meet again, and this time she's not going ANYWHERE lol.   I'd forgotten how truly beautiful she is.  Stunning, actually.

As I'm sure you know by now, Yara is a gorgeous olive green, yellow-toned, with flecks of gold.  What I never noticed before is that sometimes those flecks look coppery too.   Yara is the colour of weeds, and it's amazing that a colour that could have looked so wrong, ended up looking sooooooooo right, all because the Zoya Fairies got heavy with the gold dust.

Yara - gorgeous.  If you don't do green or would only ever buy one, this is your one.

Enjoy xxx  :)
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