Wednesday, 22 February 2012


************NOW CLOSED*************

Hi Goddesses

I was totally unprepared to do this tonight, so this is a little thrown together!!

Wow and double wow.  Not only did I literally get my 500th blog follower half an hour ago, but my Facebook page got its 300th follower too, which seems a lovely bit of synchronicity.

So, what do I have for the 500th Follower Giveaway ??  Only one of the most lusted after polishes of all time - MAD AS A HATTER !!!

So, knock yourselves out - enter the giveaway, and 1 of you will get very, VERY lucky :)   The Giveaway will end on 6th March at a time randomly chosen by me .... ;)

Thank you all for following my rambling madnesses - I love reading your comments, and the most unexpected bonus has been how many friends I have made along the way.  Some of you I know only by your GFC name, but others of you I feel I know as if you were my sisters, and I love you for that xxx

Enjoy xx :)

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