Tuesday, 14 February 2012

China Glaze - Optical Illusion

Hi Goddesses

Today we have the 2nd polish from China Glaze's Prismatics Collex - Optical Illusion.

This is the "green" of the bunch, but it's quite a muted silvery aqua-ish green rather than a full on green.

Again, this is crammed with all sorts of crazy colours - silver, orange, pink, darker green - there's a whole mermaid's convention going on in that bottle!

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was the application.  Some glitters are notorious for being "hard to spread".  Not these.  Just plop 'em on like a normal polish.  The glitter distributes perfectly - No Dabbing Required!

As before, this is mainly 2 coats of the Prismatic.  This time I have 1 coat of Essie School of Hard Rocks and 1 coat of OI on the index finger, and on the ring finger it's 1 coat of Zoya Dree, then 1 coat of OI (I wanted to test it over a cold green and a warm green respectively).

Also, if anyone's wondering, these are TOTALLY different to the OPI Muppets glitters (which I hated).  They were sparse, spread like snot and looked nasty whether they were on their own or on top of a colour, AND they had larger particles.  These Prismatics are unlike them in any way (except Excuse Moi, which was the odd one out of the Muppets bunch, being a much smaller glitter size).

Elizabeth will kill me, but I'm not sure how much I love this one, although I do like it a lot more where it's layered as it hots the green up a notch or too.  I love the mermaid tones tho, and I have a sneaky feeling this could be a grower.

Enjoy xx :)

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